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This pie was very good. Different from the regular pumpkin pie. We served it with whipped cream on top. Thank you for the recipe.

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Gingerbear December 29, 2008

So YUMMY!! I also had to give this additional baking time (approximately 30-40 min. more), but it could've been because I used fresh pumpkin and baked it in my deep-dish pie stoneware. I didn't do the 2nd crust, and it still turned out great. I made 2 pumpkin pies. This recipe won the taste test and disappeared SO FAST!! I'll make this again for sure!

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TC Dee December 04, 2006

My 9 year old son loves pumpkin pie . Unfortunately he got braces a day before Thanksgiving and his whole mouth was sore. So he ask me if it was possible to make a pie without the crust cause his mouth was just hurting so very much. So I thought I give this recipe a try and made it without the crust just the custard. I buttered the pie plate really well and all the filling fit in it . I added 15 more minutes to the baking time just like Kosmic Blues and when the time was up I opened the oven door but left the pie inside to cool in the oven. Now let me tell you....OMG that is the best pumpkin pie(custard...since no crust was used lol) I have ever had . My son had some yesterday and wanted some fro breakfast this morning . It is creamy and just YUMMY!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. This is a keeper big time. ~Ri

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~Ri November 25, 2005
Creamy Pumpkin Pie