Aunt Marie's Peas

Total Time
12hrs 10mins
12 hrs
10 mins

My aunt gave this recipe to my mother years ago. I always look forward to it at holiday time.

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  1. Drain mushrooms, reserve liquid.
  2. Cook peas in amount of mushroom liquid called for on pea package.
  3. Cook onions& celery in butter until soft.
  4. Add pimentos& mushrooms, heat thoroughly.
  5. Add peas, salt& pepper.
  6. Refrigerate until next day.
  7. Heat to serve.
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This was an excellent side dish. I was really quite an elegant looking dish, despite the ease of preparation and the simplicity of the ingredients. This went over very well as part of our Christmas meal. It was very attractive and tasted great. Thanks!

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You know, the simple dishes are probably the most flavorable. I loved this recipe because the flavors all worked together, was a beautiful dish. I really liked the simplicity of the peas and pimentos and onions. Next time I make this, I will experiment (sorry Aunt Marie) with maybe, red onion, but you is terrific just like it is!!

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This is a great recipe! I will be keeping this one. I am always looking for new side dishes. This is definitely a keeper!! Thanks Mysterygirl ; )